Northern Virginia Update

National Highlights

  • Improving economic conditions,favorable views for recovery and the return of capital availability are driving activity in the data center sector.
  • For both large and small enterprise data center users,demand trends continue to favor operating expense models that call for outsourcing some infrastructure and service components.
  • Supply in the pipeline primarily consists of wholesale space. An increasing number of smaller wholesale suites are becoming available,generating higher levels of commerce and blurring lines differentiating wholesale and retail models with respect to infrastructure.

Spotlight:Northern Virginia

  • Virginia has seen increasing design-build interest from the user community,with a number of operators rumored to . . . →Read More:Northern Virginia Update

High Frequency Trading and the NYSE’s Data Center in Mahwah,NJ

In the spirit of David’s post,I thought I would add a little more color on high frequency trading and the NYSE.  Since it seems that any reputable reporter discloses all possible conflicts when writing about a topic (not that I’m a reporter),I should note that Grubb &Ellis manages the NYSE’s new data center in Mahwah,NJ.

Here are some facts on that facility that are not well known (but I should note that they’re not confidential):

Trading began in Mahwah in August,effectively moving the hub of the financial markets from New York City,to New Jersey.   The total facility which was built-to-suit for the NYSE . . . →Read More:High Frequency Trading and the NYSE’s Data Center in Mahwah,NJ